Thursday, January 14, 2016

Over all Overalls


I have a thing for overalls at the moment and as some of you already know, turtlenecks as well. I was watching some show (i can't remember which one) and a character was wearing black overalls with a white sweater underneath, it looked so good I began searching online for overalls. I actually found some really nice long dress overalls, I found these pant overalls, and I'm in need of corduroy overalls.  I'm loving this overalls with striped turtleneck look for these cold days. I paired this look with scalloped flats to make it more of a casual look. I tried on cute open toed booties with this outfit and it went perfect for a fun night out.

Get this look: Stripped Turtleneck
                        Black Overalls
                        Scalloped Flats

Photography by Kevin M.

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